Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DJs are not rockstars.

During the daily grind of lurking Craigslist in hopes for a better job, I found this listing looking for more people to be a part of some upcoming reality TV series called "Rock Star DJ". The first season is apparently going to take place in NYC and each DJ will compete, somehow, and be judged by likes of Ferry Corsten, Green Lantern, Babara Tucker, DJ JS-1, etc. in hopes of the "event of a lifetime" prize.

Come on. I'm trying really hard not to be the biggest hater ever over this, but wow. How long will America continue to glamorize a profession for the sake of terrible reality television? I'm sure we're not too far away from "Top Trash Man" or "America's Best Bank Robber." I don't understand why anyone who even remotely follows club culture will enjoy this. Just more media exploitation, I guess. But, that's just me.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool that some DJ will win some great prize and mad fame n props from this show, but I don't see how you could win this competition and have it create more buzz for you than you could not do for yourself by just simply being a good dj/producer.

$10 says it airs on MTV. sigh.

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